HATS Tutorials


The Abstract Behavioral Specification Language: A Tutorial Introduction

HATS Summer School

The HATS project organised the HATS International School on Formal Models for Objects and Components 2012. Several of the lectures introduce different aspects of the HATS approach in detail. The lecture notes can be found at:

The ABS language in particular is introduced in the lecture

Connect Summer School

Members of the HATS project gave the following tutorial at the Connect Summer School and at the TAROT (Training And Research On Testing) Summer School. It gives a general introduction into the specification language ABS and the HATS methodology:

 Dave Clarke (KUL) presented a tutorial entitled:

at the SEFM School 2011, affiliated with the 9th International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods, November 7-11, 2011, Montevideo, Uruguay.


 Interested in ABS? We recommend to read 

ABS: A Core Language for Abstract Behavioral Specification

as an introduction to CoreABS.