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Projects and Tools

Partner Projects

COSTA logo COSTA: A Cost and Termination Analyzer for Java Bytecode programs. The COSTA team is a consortium member of the HATS project. Within HATS they extend their analyzer to support the HATS methodology.
EternalS logo EternalS: EternalS creates the conditions for mutual awareness and cross-fertilization among the 4 ICT-Forever Yours - FET projects (FP7-ICT-Call 3): LivingKnowledge, HATS, Connect and SecureChange.
KeY Logo KeY: The KeY project is represented by the Chalmers consortium members. Within HATS KeY will be extended to serve as symbolic execution engine and as one verification system for the HATS ABS language.


In HATS we develop a number of tools to demonstrate the applicability of the approach: